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YENİ…YENİ…1 Ağustos Tarihli Fresh Yüklenmiştir!!!


1 Ağustos Pazar, Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2.

1-Damien Jurado-Cloudy Shoes

2-Damien Jurado-Arkansas

3-Damien Jurado-Rachel & Cali

4-Ellen Allien-You

5-Ellen Allien-Sun The Rain

6-The Album Leaf-There is A Wind

7-The Album Leaf-Within Dreams

8-The Album Leaf-Falling From The Sun

9-Delorean-Simple Graces

10-Delorean-Infinite Desert

11-Arcade Fire-Ready to Start

12-Arcade Fire-Modern Man

13-Arcade Fire-Half Light II (No Celebration)

14-Arcade Fire-Suburban War

Programı dinlemek ve indirmek için…

Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 1 Ağustos 2010 by Mabbas

YENİ…YENİ…25 Temmuz Tarihli Fresh Yüklenmiştir!!!


25 Temmuz Pazar. Radyo Eksen, Fresh. Parça listesi şöyle…

1-Box Kites-White Spaces

2-Box Kites-Black Juice

3-Box Kites-Quarter


5-Faded Paper Figures-Rewind

6-Faded Paper Figures-When The Book Ends

7-Faded Paper Figures-Invent It All Again

8-Ed Harcourt-When The Lost Don’t Want To Be Found

9-Ed Harcourt-Haywired

10-The Love Language-Wilmont

11-The Love Language-Horophones

12-Strand of Oaks-Daniel’s Blues

13-Strand of Oaks-Pope Killdragon

14-The Love Language-Pedals

Programı şuradan dinleyebilir, indirebilirsiniz…

Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 25 Temmuz 2010 by Mabbas

YENİ…YENİ…4 Temmuz Tarihli Radyo Eksen Fresh…YÜKLENDİ


radyoeksen2-150x1504 Temmuz, Pazar. Fresh @ Radyo Eksen 96.2.


1-Wild Nothing-Live in dreams

2-Wild Nothing-Summer holiday

3-Wild Nothing-Drifter

4-Josh Ritter-Change of Time

5-Josh Ritter-Lantern


7-Ratatat-Bare feast

8-Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti-Bright lit blue skies

9-Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti-Butt house blondies

10-Soundpool-I’m so tired


12-Meursault-Crank resolutions

13-Meursault-All creatures will make merry

14-Meursault-A fair exchange

15-Sea of Bees-Gnomes

16-Sea of Bees-Skinny bone

Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 4 Temmuz 2010 by Mabbas

YENİ!!! YENİ!!! Taze Yüklendi! Fresh@Radyo Eksen 20 Haziran


Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 20 Haziran 2010 by Mabbas


Parça listesi şöyle:

1-Foals-Blue Blood

2-Foals-Spanish Sahara

3-Emma Pollock-Cofessions

4-Emma Pollock-Red Orange Green

5-Slowdive-Here She Comes

6-Slowdive-Machine Gun

7-Titus Andronicus-A Pot in Which to Piss

8-Holly Miranda-No One Just Is

9-Holly Miranda-High Tide

10-Band of Horses-Way Back Home

11-Band of Horses-Infinite Arms

12-Ramona Falls-Melectric

13-Ramona Falls-I Say Fever

14-Ramona Falls-Russia

Taze Yüklendi!!!6 Haziran Tarihli Radyo Eksen Programım Fresh!



Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 6 Haziran 2010 by Mabbas

6 Haziran Pazar akşamı Radyo Eksen’de Yayınlanan Fresh isimli programımda çalan parçaların listesi şöyle:

1-Cold Cave-Love Comes Close

2-The Charlatans-The Only One I Know

3-Wild Beasts-Two Dancers

4-The Antlers-Two


6-The Big Pink-Velvet


8-HEALTH-Before Tigers


10-A Sunny Day in Glasgow-Shy

11-Moderat-Rusty Nails

12-japandroids-The Boys Are Leaving Town

13-The Drums-Forever and Ever Amen

14-The XX-VCR

15-The Field-The More That I Do

16-Yeasayer-Ambling Alp

YENİ YÜKLENDİ!!!Fresh@Radyo Eksen-30 Mayıs Programı


radyoeksenlogoPazar akşamları Radyo Eksen 96.2′de gerçekleştirdiğim Fresh’in 30 Mayıs tarihli bölümünü dinleyebilir ve indirebilirsiniz.

Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 30 Mayıs 2010 by Mabbas

Parça listesi şöyle:

1-The XX-Heart Skipped A Beat

2-Darwin Deez-Costellations

3-The Big Pink-Too Young To Love

4-Lukestar-The Shade You Hide


6-Fanfarlo-How To Wait For A Very Long Time

7-My Little Pony-Skipping Down

8-Cymbal Eat Guitars-What Dogs See

9-I’m From Barcelona-Mingus

10-A Sunny Day Glasgow-Curse Words

11-Wave Machines-Dead Houses

12-Memory Tapes-Run Out

13-The Indelicates-Sixteen

14-Oh No Oh My-The Boy With An Anchor

15-Slowdive-When The Sun Hits

16 Mayıs Tarihli “Fresh”te Çalan Parçaların Listesi


radyoeksen2-150x15016 Mayıs tarihli Fresh’te çalan parçaların listesi şöyle:

1-Horse Feathers-This Bed

2-Horse Feathers-The Widower

3-Josh Ritter-Southern Pacifica

4-Josh Ritter-Rattling Locks

5-Josh Ritter-Folk

6-The Radio Dept.-David

7-The Radio Dept.-A Token of Gratitude

8-Delorean-Simple Graces

9-The National-Sorrow

10-The National-Afraid of Anyone

11-The National-Bloodbuzz Ohio

12-Lali Puna-Our Inventions

13-Lali Puna-That Day

14-Lali Puna-Everything is Always

15-The National-Conversation 16

Yeni…Yeni…Yeni…2 Mayıs Tarihli “Fresh” Taze Yüklenmiştir!


Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 2 Mayıs 2010 by Mabbas

radyoeksen2-150x150Fresh@Radyo Eksen 96.2 Tracklist (2 Mayıs)


2-Bibio-Jealous of Roses

3-The Thermals-At The Bottom of Sea

4-The Thermals-When We Were Alive

5-Papercuts-Once We Walked In The Sunlight

6-Papercuts-Dead Love

7-Papercuts-You Can Have What You Want

8-Glen Johnson-My Horror Mask

9-Glen Johnson-I Know You Know My Name

10-Telekinesis-Foreign Room



13-Sin Fang Bous-Advent In Ives Garden

14-Sin Fang Bous-The Jubilee Choruses

YENİ…YENİ…18 Nisan Tarihli “Fresh” Programım Yüklenmiştir


Fresh. Radyo Eksen 96.2 18 Nisan 2010 by Mabbas


1-We Have Band-Buffet

2-Sennen-A Little High

3-Happy Birthday-Perverted Girl

4-Kyte-I’ll Follow Dreams For You

5-Frightened Rabbit-Things

6-A Red Season Shade-Shades of Truth

7-Broken Social Scene-All To All

8-Frightened Rabbit-Yes, I Would

9-Happy Birthday-Fun

10-Sennen-Sleep Heavy Tonight

11-Frightened Rabbit-Footshooter

12-We Have Band-How To Make Friends


14-Kyte-Fake Handshakes, Earnest Smiles

15-Sennen-Broken Promise

25 Nisan Tarihli “Fresh” Programımda Çalan Parçalar


radyoeksen2-150x1501-Band of Horses-Infinite Arms

2-Band of Horses-Dilly

3-Cocorosie-Smokey Taboo

4-Local Natives-Airplanes

5-First Aid Kit-Heavy Storm

6-First Aid Kit-I Met Up With The King

7-Emma Pollock-Confessions

8-Emma Pollock-I Could Be A Saint

9-Memoryhouse-Lately Deuxieme

10-Jonsi-Boy Lilikoi

11-She and Him-Me and You

12-She and Him-In The Sun

13-The Drums-Submarine

14-The Drums-Down by The Water


16-Band of Horses-Laredo


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